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Tomēi       Year: 2023     Type: Concept    Material: Glas    State: Prototyping

"Tômei", literally translated as "translucent", embodies a teapot inspired by the
graceful simplicity of Japanese aesthetics. The teapot, crafted from a high-quality
borosilicate glass, offers a subtle transparency that allows the contents to shimmer
discreetly. The material not only allows a clear view of the tea infusion, but also
ensures safe handling and optimal heat resistance. With its pill-like shape and
a slight tinge of pink, orange or gold, the teapot adds subtle elegance to a tea table.
Thanks to the magnetic lid, the strainer remains safely inside the teapot. This allows
the tea to steep undisturbed in the water and release its full flavor. The wing-like
rectangles attached to the sides serve as handles and ensure comfortable operation.
Their ergonomic design allows for safe and stable handling when pouring the tea.
The spout has been carefully designed to allow for clean and drip-free pouring.
This makes every tea brewing experience a clean one, without annoying drips and spills.
A special feature of this teapot is the recess at the bottom, which includes a slot
for a separate stand. To keep the tea warm, the stand can be filled with vegetable oil,
so the wicks in the stand need can be lit, maintaining the tea at the perfect
temperature for an extended period.